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Return to the End

A compelling human tale, from the creative mind behind the award winning films 'Pelícano', 'Shining Moon Director’s Cut' and 'La Estación Ausente'.

The drama of a family fallen apart after the death of the mother during the pandemic. In a world still threatened by uncertainty and confinement, a story of fear, hope, acceptance and love emerges.

A film produced in social confinement with actors working in some scenes as producers/stage designers from their own homes, directed remotedly.




Santiago, Chile, 2018. Young Esteban's family is in crisis. His father Fernando is visiting his daughter Javiera while she is studying abroad. Ximena, the mother, is overwhelmed with Esteban, a selfish and demanding boy. Ximena sinks into a deep emotional crisis and dies in a car accident on the streets of Santiago. Esteban leaves his mother's spacious, modern house and settles in the south, blaming his father for the tragedy. The world is not yet facing the pandemic.

It is 2020. The coronavirus begins to spread throughout the world. Fernando, now a widower, lives alone in a small old and somewhat run-down house, where he faces economic limitations. He is jobless. On a southern beach, Esteban has recently met Daniel, a New Yorker handsome guy. They immediately fall in love. But the contagion is spreading in the United States and soon Daniel must return to Manhattan to be attentive to the health of his parents.

Four years have passed. It is 2024. The planet faces a fouth year of the pandemic. The world has also become a more complex place to live and connect. Social violence has spread. Daniel is still in New York, hoping to return to Chile soon, since he is still in a relationship with Esteban. Javiera has married Guillermo, with whom she has two small children. One morning, Fernando is invited by his sister Mercedes to celebrate his 65th birthday remotely. Mercedes manages to summon the whole family, which she surprises with an unavoidable decision. Thus, the virtual encounter unleashes painful wounds from the past, exposes threats from the present and casts fears on the future. There are old emotional wounds that are already irreparable, the most intense memories remain indelible, and complex and inevitable decisions appear. The end, for some, is a dead end. For others it is an opportunity to recapture what had been lost.

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