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all the irony

New release by award winning Chilean director Gustavo Letelier,

set in Chile upon the return to democracy in the early 90s.

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The story

The film tells the story of a high bourgeoisie family in Santiago, whose prominent grandfather is an ironic representation of a retired mentally ill-bred Pinochet. This wealthy family is left in crisis when the husband, after a long journey as a doctor, decides to divorce his moralistic and conservative wife, leaving his young son at the mercy of the mother's authoritarianism. But an emergent singer has arrived next door, as part of the new Chilean bourgeois class. And her man is a hustler, who sees in the affective solitude of the divorced neighbor in her late fifties an opportunity to find a better life. The singer, feeling spiteful, plots revenge with the help of the neighbor's resentful son, so that the hustler will be forced to vanish from their lives. The son's girlfriend will be key to putting together the satirical plot, which will try to make a fool of the hustler before the divorced neighbor.

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