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A unique collection of award winning feature films in worldwide release

The most awarded Chilean arthouse film in 2022,

REGRESAR AL FINAL, also known as Return to the End,

was written and directed by Gustavo Letelier.

Starring award winning Chilean actors Mario Olivares, Ricardo Herrera, Paula Leoncini and Daniel Contesse,

along with gifted actors Paula Edwards, Benjamín Gorroño, Francisca Reiss and Romeo Singer.

Original music by the director and Pablo Ávila Champin.

Produced by the director, Pablo Ávila Champin, with the support of all the actors.

Soon to be available in several windows worldwide.


EL DESTELLO DE LA LUNA, also known as Shining Moon,

was theatrically released at Cinema Village in New York, receiving good exposure in US press.

The film is now available on Amazon, Apple TV, Tubi, Vudu, Mercado Libre, among others.

Afiche SPA (laureles).jpg

PELÍCANO, based on classical homonymous play by Swedish writer and painter August Strindberg,

was theatrically released at Kinoladen in Berlin, after winning more than 10 festival accolades.

The film is now available on Prime Video, Apple TV, Tubi, among others.

poster pelicano ingles theatrical SMALL.jpg

SHINING MOON DIRECTOR'S CUT, an extended updated new version of Shining Moon,

was released directly to streaming, after winning several festival accolades.

The film is now available on Tubi, The Roky Channel, First Screen, Slash TV, Xumo, Mometu, Nuclear Home Video, among others.

DIRECTOR'S CUT Poster 2022 FilmHub.jpg
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