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A promissory stream of growth begins in 2023

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In 2023, Amerindia Films will restore and reedit  


which was the first Chilean film made by director Letelier.

The original film was shot in 1990 and released internationally in 1994, 1998  and 2007.      

Now with the support of the National Cinemateque in Chile the original camera negative and sound will be digitalized.

The new version of the film will be released internationally in 2023.

Original FAMILIAS grande.jpg

 Next Amerindia Films will restore and reedited 

LA ESTACIÓN AUSENTE, which was released in 2004.

Thereafter the film was released on US cable and DVD in 2011.

The new version of the film will be released internationally in 2024.

Connecting Dots

Amerindia Films is designing its own streaming platform to create direct connection with film fans around the globe, for both inhouse film and curated arthouse movies from third parties.

The platform will be launch in 2023 with a strategy to grow over the years to come.

Old World Map

Amerindia Films will continue developing, producing and releasing director's driven

Spanish feature films to increase access to distribution opportunities

in Spanish speaking countries and communities.

At the same time, the company will start producing English spoken arthouse films

already developed, looking for international partners to make them happen and succeed in the worldwide growing market.

The new opportunities to connect directly producers and audiences without intermediaries will continue to be a special motivation to help indie filmmaking.

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