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amerindia films

amerindia films currently works in the development and/or production of:

 *  8 feature length narrative films

 *   1 animation project (feature length film + television)

These projects are in different stage of progress and their production consolidate the steady growth strategy for the company, considering their commercial possibilities and their appeal to international audiences of today's world.

amerindia films also keeps constantly developing re-distribution strategies for in-house productions already released and for movies produced by external companies that want to have a release for their movies. This includes fiction, documentary and animation.

The titles currently in production or development are: 

PELÍCANO: suspense psychological drama, international coproduction, completed

HUELLAS DE SILENCIO (SILENT IMPRINTS): thriller, international coproduction, in preproduction

SUB: psychological terror, international coproduction, in development

DU: animación for children (english), international coproduction, in development

DAY EIGHTH: sci-fi drama thriller (english), international coproduction, in development

RUTHLESS PAST: suspense psychological drama (english), international coproduction, in development

TIERRAS SIN RUMBO (DRIFTING LANDS): period dramedy,  international coproduction, in development

ESPEJO DE LA MUERTE (MIRROR OF A DEATH): suspense, international coproduction, in development

FAMILIES THAT PLAY TOGETHER: comedys (english),  international coproduction, in development