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Key clients and alliances

amerindia films is founded in Santiago, Chile, and has gradually consolidated a strategy to become a reliable player in the global film industry.   It is a production company delivering film content to international distribution windows, having a branch for global sales. With constant presence in the key film markets of the world, the company has a network of alliances and contacts for coproduction and release in USA, Europe and Asia.

One of the most significant company achievements in the sector of social impact is the creation in recent years of the Chilean non-profit organization FUNDACIÓN CULTURAL AMERINDIA, to foster culture in every region of the country and promote artistic education of the new generations.

In 2017 amerindia films created the training center AMERINDIA CREATIVE LAB and establishes an alliance with 1986 Films to create and develop MEDIA LABS in different regions of the country, in order to promote projects at the local level, which can help young regional talent to grow and improve their careers within the  international film industry.

amerindia films has produced and released internationally Spanish spoken arthouse films. The current portfolio includes also English spoken productions.

The key coproducing partners or companies that have strong relationshio with our distribution branch are:

 *  Factoría Audiovisual (Chile, production and postproduction)

 *  Suimanga Films (Chile, digital marketing and distribution)

 *  1986 Films (Chile, regional production and postproduction)

 *  Estudio Integral de Arte (Argentina, music production studio)

 *  Bad Eden Entertainment y Bad Eden VFX (UK, production y postproduction)

 *  Fantasy Creatures Prods. (US, production and script development)

 *  Nueva Vista Latin Film Market (US, non-profit film organization)

 *  Cinemaflix Distribution (US, theatrical domestic distribution and global digital)

 *  Indie Rights (US, theatrical domestic distribution and global digital)

 *  Tugg y Tugg NTE (US, theatrical domestic distribution and global digital)

 *  Film Demand (theatrical distributor UK/Ireland/Australia/New Zealand)

 *  Distrify Media (UK, global digital distribution)

 *  EYZ Media (Germany, VOD in Europa)

 *  Samuel Toole Prods. (US, coproduction and financing consultant)

 *  5AM Studios (Netherlands, animation)

 *  Digitoonz (India, animation)